Tips for Selling it to the Boss

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    Jeremy Murrah

    Any tips for selling this conference to a boss who thinks devops is just a stupid buzzword fad like "agile" and "cloud"?

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    Joel Reed

    I think the flippant answer is find a new job with a new boss.

    But seriously I know they've tagged in "DevOps" to the Summit title these days, but the fact remains it's very much about PowerShell. By extension PowerShell is the automation tool that is most focused on "DevOps" in the Windows realm. In my mind DevOps is more lifestyle and frame of mind than anything concrete, but a core tenant is automation. If you're undertaking any kind of automation on the Windows side than PowerShell is the beginning, middle, and end of the game.

    I would emphasis the PowerShell in the name not the "DevOps", and the Summit is all about learning and knowledge sharing. There is no vendor area or PR heavy influence talks. Its meat and bones kind of learning. For what it costs for a ticket, flight, and hotel most conferences charge just for the ticket. Many traditional 5 day classroom training experiences aren't much cheaper. The Summit brings the best of the best PowerShell speakers and attendee wise. Other conferences or training opportunities might have a few, the Summit has almost all of them. You can't beat the cost to value ratio.

    To return to my original flippant remark, I cannot more strongly say invest in your career. At the end of the day it is YOUR career. If your boss is a "DevOps and the Cloud" is a fad type, that is a serious red flag. The Summit isn't "cheap" but it's not expensive either. I don't know what your circumstances are but don't overlook, paying your own way if possible if your boss won't entertain it. If you've got 20 to 30 years left in your career, the short term investment has long term impact.

    Everything is a "fad" at one point. The smart people know when something moves past the risk of it being a fad. In my mind DevOps and the Cloud have done that. Get on board or get run over. Early in my career Windows in the enterprise was a "fad". I have always wondered what happened to those NetWare guys. Similarly Linux in production was a "fad" for a time as were the internet, smartphones, wi-fi, and on and on.

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    Richard Siddaway

    Don't sell DevOps sell the underlying principles.

    DevOps is the latest fad in IT and it will be replaced at some point by whatever becomes the next big thing.

    The underlying principles of DevOps – automation, infrastructure as code, continuous delivery/deployment, testing, change management etc etc are well worth bringing to your organisation.

    Remember how you eat an elephant – one bite at a time.

    Apply that to "DevOps" and introduce the principles one chunk at a time.

    The Summit agenda will be going up soon. Pick the topics that reflect those things you need to learn about/introduce.

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    Steve Whitlock

    I sold the strength of the content, and the immediate value of that content on Day 1 back in the office. This appears to be a very different experience than attending a "conference", and a lot of companies that I've worked for/with are beginning to balk at the high cost of attendance for things like Ignite, particularly when you consider that often people don't really gain any quantifiable skills as a result of attending. From what I've heard and read, this summit might be the best PowerShell training value available, even with travel.

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