ToShortTimeString() vs .Converttodatetime( )

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    H Man

    Hi All

    I am doing a wmi query (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem) and im looking to format the LastBootUpTime

    Select-Object CSName,@{ Name = "Last Restarted On" ; Expression = { $_.Converttodatetime( $_.LastBootUpTime ) } }

    I am currently using the Converttodatetime( ) method, is there any way to use the ToShortTimeString() , im not opposed to builidng a hash table with that method either . im looking for just the Time no seconds .eg 11:00

    thank you

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    H Man

    Ill be using this rt do some conditional html formatting

    [xml]$html = $Reboot   | ConvertTo-Html -fragment
    #check each row, skipping the TH header row
    for ($i=1;$i -le $;$i++) {
      $class = $html.CreateAttribute("class")
      #check the value of the last column and assign a class to the row
      if (($[$i].td[-1] -as [datetime]) -notlike '*11:00*') {                                          
        $class.value = "danger"  
        $[$i].Attributes.Append($class) | Out-Null
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    H Man

    not sure if my conditional statement is on point

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    H Man

    im looking to mark red all computers that didn't reboot @ 11:00

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    Dave Wyatt

    You should be able to do this:

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    H Man

    thanks again Dave! really appreciate your help today

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    Don Jones

    Also, if you query the class using Get-CimInstance, you'll get a DateTime by default.

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    H Man

    ok Don Will do ! and thanks for the tip

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