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    I have a target svr that is configured as a pull client and the LCM runs the consistency check at the configured interval, but I was wondering if there is anyway I could manually trigger the consistency check from powershell? Right now I do this by triggering the consistency scheduled task, but I'm not sure if this is recommend.

    Start-ScheduledTask -TaskPath '\Microsoft\Windows\Desired State Configuration' -TaskName 'Consistency' -Verbose


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    Don Jones

    See "The DSC Book" (Resources menu / eBooks on this website). There's a WMI call you can make to rigger it. You need to be a bit careful in doing so; there's a reason the minimum interval is 15min. Make sure a check isn't already running before triggering another one.

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    Hi Don,

    Sorry for being a pain, but I wasnt able to find that in the dsc book. Do you know the chapter by any chance?


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    If you have a recent version of WMF (I think this one was in the november preview) you can use the cmdlet "update-dscconfiguration"

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    Hi Joe, to force a consistency check you can use the following

    Invoke-CimMethod -CimSession MyComputerName -Name PerformRequiredConfigurationChecks -Namespace root/Microsoft/Windows/DesiredStateConfiguration -Arguments @{Flags=[Uint32]2} -ClassName MSFT_DscLocalConfigurationManager -Verbose

    Update-DscConfiguration will only perform a consistency check if the MOF file checksum fails and a new configuration is brought down

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    Micky Balladelli

    I use Test-DscConfiguration -cimsession -verbose

    It will return whether the remote node(s) is(are) in the desired configuration by triggering the Test-TargetResource function of all the resources in the configuration. The verbose param is quite useful.

    Is this what you were looking for?

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