Trim all but last 5 of serial number

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    Sorry for the newb question but I am really stuck here. I am trying to use

    $SERIAL = (Get-WmiObject win32_bios).serialnumber

    Which returns to me something like "MXL1160602"

    All I need is the "60602"

    I have tried all sorts of trims and replaces and I can not get it to give me the output I want.

    I am not getting any errors, when I run the command with a trim or replace it goes through but it still gives me the whole result. The only thing I have found to work so far is $serial -replace "MXL", ""

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    $SERIAL.substring($SERIAL.length – 6, 6)

    BTW. Your title says trim all but the last six. Your example shows only the last five.

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    Dave Wyatt

    I'd do this: "MXL1160602" -replace '.*?(?=.{1,6}$)'

    But then again, I'm one of those weird people who likes to use regex. 😛

    (The advantage, though, is that this works regardless of the length of the string. Using String.SubString() will throw an exception if the string is fewer than 6 characters, unless you add a bit of extra code to check for that condition.)

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    Dave Wyatt

    Another option that works regardless of length:

    New-Object string (,@($serial.ToCharArray() | Select-Object -Last 6))

    Or, in PowerShell v5:

    [string]::new(@($serial.ToCharArray() | Select-Object -Last 6))

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    Tim Curwick

    Another option that works regardless of length:

    $Serial.Substring( [math]::Max( 0, $Serial.Length – 6 ) )

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    Mark Hammonds

    here is my attempt

    [string]$serial = $serial[-5..-1]

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    Mike Eyler

    My question is does the serial number data being returned need to be cleaned first?
    I gathered serial numbers yesterday and they all had extra characters at the end (5 spaces).

    Are you collecting serial numbers from one or many pcs?

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