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      I have a powershell script whose output looks like below:


      UserListFormat { SchemaVersion: 2, Mode: Open, Users: [(“[email protected]”: UserEntry { Mode: Whitelist, FriendlyName:
      “domain\John” }), (“[email protected]”: UserEntry { Mode: Whitelist, FriendlyName: “domain\Jack” }), (“_Mike.K”:
      UserEntry { Mode: Whitelist, FriendlyName: “domain\Mike” })] }


      I just need FriendlyName and its corresponding value as a list in the output and get rid of everything else. Below is the output I want to achieve.

      FriendlyName: “domain\John”

      FriendlyName: “domain\Jack”

      FriendlyName: “domain\Mike”


      I tried using trim() but its hard to achieve the desired output. I also tried select-string which doesn’t work.

      Can someone help me achieve this?


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      Have you tried:

      $Output = “Your PS output with domain names”

      ([regex]’\w*\\\w*’).Matches($Output) | ForEach-Object {$_.Value}`

      It does assume your names don(t contain numbers and stuff. If so you’ll have to add those characters to the regex


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      You can use

      First create a template. You have to remove extra curly braces in the template.

      Now let’s run it


      It’s also captured in the $names variable and you can access the contents like this

      And this is how you’d do the same thing reading from a file

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      If your output is truly a single string with no line breaks or newline characters, you can do the following:

      ($YourString | Select-String -Pattern 'FriendlyName:([^"]*?"){2}' -AllMatches).Matches.Value

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