Trouble with registering a client server

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    The attempt to register Dsc Agent with AgentId F300E97F-CB62-11E5-80BC-D5B83049D147 with the server'F300E97F-CB62-11E5-80BC-D5B83049D147') returned
    unexpected response code Forbidden.

    My PullServer has web.config with "Nodes" in appsettings

    Configuration Register_SC_DC1
        Node localhost
            Settings {
                RefreshFrequencyMins = 30;
                RefreshMode = "PULL";
                RebootNodeIfNeeded = $true;
            ConfigurationRepositoryWeb ConfigurationManager {
                ServerURL = ""
                RegistrationKey = "24852231-2da5-4c08-a683-e10a03a8bc7b"  
                ConfigurationNames = @("mdp-dc1")
    Register_SC_DC1 -outputpath C:\users\Public\dsc
    Set-DscLocalConfigurationManager -ComputerName localhost -Path C:\users\Public\dsc -verbose

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