Two package resource is not installing continuously in Power Shell DSC

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    Vinoth M

    I am using Package Resource to install the MSIs and EXEs in PowerShell DSC. I am using pull modal. I am triggering the Consistency Job to check the configurations is applied or not for testing.(Unable to wait 30 mins for single testing 🙂 ) Here is My code.

       Package OpenDeploy
             Name = "Interwoven OpenDeploy 6.2.0 Receiver"
             Path = "D:\Deployments\Prerequisites\IWOVopendeployRcvr.exe"
             ProductId = ''
             DependsOn = "[File]CopyPrerequisites"
             Ensure = "Present"
             Arguments = '/s /f1"D:\Deployments\Prerequisites\setup.iss"'
           Package InstallMSXML
             Name = "MSXML4.0"
             Path = "D:\Deployments\Prerequisites\msxml4.0_SP3.msi"
             ProductId = "XXXX67F1-C11F-4F76-858B-5812ADC83B94"
             DependsOn = "[File]CopyPrerequisites"
             Ensure = "Present"
            Package Install_WebSite
             Name = " Install_WebSite"
             Path = "D:\Deployments\Prerequisites\Install_WebSite.msi"
             ProductId = "XXXX3F53-982D-470C-9036-1DDFF81EC8B3"
             DependsOn = "[File]CopyPrerequisites"
             Ensure = "Present"

    When I run the Job, one package is installing at time. The another package is installing next time and so on. We need to install 10+ installers. If one at time then configuration will take more than a day to configure completely if one installation happen on every 30 Mins.

    Is this there anyway to install all packages at once?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dave Wyatt

    Nope. Windows Installer won't let you have more than one installation running at a time. If you have installations that are taking 30+ minutes to complete, you probably want to consider making a custom Windows image that has those applications pre-loaded, instead of installing them after loading the OS.

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    Don Jones

    Well, the 30 minutes is because if only one package installs each time the DSC consistency check runs, then it's an automatic 30 minute delay between each. But no, there's no way to speed that up, really.

    But yeah, another option would be to build a custom MSI package that included everything you needed. It's work, but it's possible.

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