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      Hello All,


      I can see someone on the internet has written some code which following this

      $Username = $Account.Username

      Now I understand $username is a variable and it is a product of the variable $account however what does the .username mean ? what is the coder trying to achieve by adding a .extension (.username)


      For example he includes it in his loop but this .username is new to me.


      $Username = $Account.Username
      If (Get-ADUser -Filter {Name -eq $Username})

      $account | Select Username,SamAccountName | Out-File C:\temp\exist.txt -append
      Write-Host “$Username already exists in Active Directory” -ForegroundColor RED
      Write-Host “I am sorry, $Username does not exist.”






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      @fishandchips82, Request you start with PowerShell basics before you really jump in into any PowerShell scripting…

      Please go through this tutorial for better understanding, it is a best place to start with and still valid…


      And coming to your question, it is called dot notation, and used to represent the object properties. $Account is a AD object it seems and .Username is a property of it to fetch the username and store it to $Username.

      Thank you.


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