Update value of CMIInstance ApplicationPoolIdentity Password value

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    I am able to get to a Username value of the Application pool identity via below script

    $tmp = Get-CimInstance -Namespace root/MicrosoftIISv2 -computer $servername -ClassName IIsApplicationPoolSetting -Property Name, WAMUserName, WAMUserPass | select Name, WAMUserName, WAMUserPass

    write-host "AdminACLBin:" $tmp[2].WAMUserName


    I want to update the WAMUserName to something else. What should be the script for this? put() doesn't seem to work for CIMInstance. Please help..

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    Art Beane

    Check out Get-Help Set-CimInstance. Get-CimInstance doesn't have the methods to modify the object that Get-WmiObject provides.


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    Richard Siddaway

    The objects returned by CimInstance are inert – no methods. This is by design. When accessing remote machines you are connecting over WSMAN are in the same position as remoting. You need to use Set-CimInstance to set a property or Invoke-CimMethod to use the WMI class method.

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