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October 16, 2015 at 6:20 am

So, I installed PS5 (on Win7x64) and along with it came PSGallery etc and NuGet, got that all going OK. However, at work I generally have a couple PS instances open, one with my normal credentials, one with domain-admin.

The domain-admin account of course has no internet access. But since I installed this, it takes a long time for PS to start as a domain-admin, and while doing so procmon shows lines such as:

mypc:56459 ->

That has to wait to timeout. Also, certain commands or maybe it's on a schedule, seem to trigger a check as well so I can be using PS and suddenly it dies for a while until timeout happens.

How do I disable this? I can install any packages or update them from my normal account – I don't need every session, some of which have no internet access, to be doing this as well.

Version : 5.0.10514.6
Name : PSGallery
SourceLocation :
Trusted : False
Registered : True
InstallationPolicy : Untrusted
PackageManagementProvider : NuGet
PublishLocation :
ProviderOptions : {}

Name Version
—- ——-
Programs 10.0.10514.6
msu 10.0.10514.6
msi 10.0.10514.6