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    Liam Kemp

    Hi All,
    I thought this would be a great place to ask a few questions.
    If you are currently running or attending a PowerShell User Group, I'd love to hear from you.
    What I am looking for is
    1) How did you get started?
    2) What different formats do you have? Is it the same each meeting, or mixed up?
    3) How did you get the word out?
    I'm really keen to get one up and running in my town and would love some ideas



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    Jon Junell

    Hey Liam –

    Speaking from my experience, I started with folks I knew and worked with and put together an informal meet up at a local brewery (know your audience). We're having our second meeting later this month. The goal is to brainstorm ideas for a larger event, that has sessions and presentations.

    Format is "bring your questions and answers." The goal would be to have a more formal structure with a presentation or talk then followed by a Q & A period.

    I'm getting the word out through Twitter and my personal network. is great, but we're still small enough that I'm reticent to spring for the monthly fee.

    – Jon

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    Liam Kemp

    Thanks for the info.
    That sounds like a good way to get going. I think we'll probably end up with a mix of enthusiasts, students and industry folk, so "bring your Q&A" would be a great way to get attendees to share their knowledge and connect.
    Do you think you will have an entrance fee if the event gets larger?

    Thanks again

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