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    I'm new to powershell and I am trying to figure out how to get variable data onto a new form.

    I have a main menu which asks for user input for a test system, 'ts'.

    I also ask for an OS Version, x64 or x86 per checkboxes.

    After the user inputs data and clicks OK. I would like to have the user input display onto a popup window to verify the information is correct. My problem is that the inputted data does not display onto the popup window. Also with the checkboxes, if one is selected, I do not want the user to be allowed to select the other. It would be either x64 or x86, not both.

    I left an example within the txt doc with the Host System, 'computer name', on how I'd like the information displayed. Can someone assist me on figuring this out?

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    Don Jones

    The code you attached only generates a form. You'll need to have code attached to an "OK" button in order to take any action – I don't see where you're generating a new form, or a MsgBox.

    And if the x86 vs x64 is intended to be one-or-the-other, you use radio buttons, not check boxes.

    But, without seeing the rest of your code, it's a little difficult to tell you what to do. Long story short, I'd consider using a MsgBox to display the information.

    Are you using PowerShell Studio or PrimalForms to do this, or doing it all manually?

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