Usinb subexpression operator in Get-CIMInstance filter

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    Greg Tate

    I'm working through the lab of advanced functions in PowerShell Toolmaking, and one of the answers to the lab questions uses the subexpression operator in the filter of Get-CimInstance.

    Get-CimInstance win32_process -filter "ProcessId = '$($Service.ProcessId)'"

    The command returns an error if I don't use the subexpression operator.

    Why is that?

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    Don Jones

    You mean, if you do Get-CimInstance win32_process -filter "ProcessId = '$Service.ProcessId'" ?

    Because Only $service is seen as a variable. Do this:

    Write-Host "ProcessId = $Service.processid"

    And you'll see why that doesn't form a legal query. Covered this in "Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches," FWIW.

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    Greg Tate

    Thanks Don.

    This explanation clears things up.
    I remember you covering it in the first book, and to be honest, I have always struggled with this concept.
    Hoping this exercise drills it in for good now!

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