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    I use this function to input a string, search through every script module in my $pshome, and then offer up one or more finds for addition as an ISE script tab. Each function I write is a separate file with a name matching the function.

    However, it fails if only one matching file is found. Works fine if I select two or more files.

    If someone could just tell me what I am doing wrong.

    #requires -Version 2
    function Get-FunctionFileName 
         Get-FunctionFileName -Name Get-NIC 
                PS C:\ref> Get-FunctionFileName -Name .\Get-NIC.ps1
                This works ok as well. The function removes '.\' and '.ps1' 
            [Parameter(ValueFromPipeline = $true,
                    ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName = $true)]
        $Name = 'TBAppointment'
        #     $Name = 'functionfilename'
        #     $Name = 'Get-Diskspace'
        $Start = $PWD
        $ArrayofPaths = @( $env:PSModulePath -split ';')
        $Collection = @()
        if ( $fn )  {Remove-Variable -Name fn -Scope Global -ea Continue}
        $fn =@()
        $Name = $Name -replace '\.\\', ''
        $Name = $Name -replace '\.ps1', ''
        foreach ($dir in $ArrayofPaths) 
            Write-Verbose -Message $dir 
            $Collection += Get-ChildItem -Path $dir -Include "*$Name*" -Recurse | Where-Object -FilterScript {$_.PSIsContainer -eq $false}
        } #end foreach
        if (-not( $Collection)) 
            Write-Warning -Message 'No Results were found!'
        [array]$Results = $Collection | Select-Object -Property BaseName, LastWriteTime, Length, Fullname, 
        @{ Name = 'Module'; Expression = {Split-Path -Path $_.Directory -Leaf}    }
        $Results | Format-Table -AutoSize -Property @{Name = 'Index';Expression = {[array]::IndexOf($Results, $_)}}, BaseName, LastWriteTime, Length, Fullname
        [array]$Choice = Read-Host -Prompt 'Please Choose by Index Number(s)' 
        $Choice = $Choice -split {$_ -eq ' ' -or $_ -eq ','} |
        Where-Object   -FilterScript {$_} |
        ForEach-Object -Process {$_.trim()} 
        Foreach ($Ch in $Choice) 
            $fn = $fn+ $Results[$Ch].fullname
        if ( -Not($fn)) {Write-Warning '$FN was not set'}
        foreach ($file in $fn ) {$file ; psEdit -filenames $file }
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    You forget to say in which line you get an error, what error and what version of PS you are using.
    $Choice = $Choice -split {$_ -eq ' ' -or $_ -eq ','} | looks very strange. You should read more about -split
    tip1: $choice -split '[ ,]'
    tip2: try to output significant variable values just before line with error

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    Well, there really is no error. It just fails to use the elements in the $Choice array

    Foreach ($Ch in $Choice)

    If $Choice has only one element (and I definitely define an array ) this foreach loop fails to build $fn. I had once defined it as $fn += $Results[$Ch].fullname. However, the different methods don't appear to matter.

    I see your point about the split, but I don't know why that would affect the above foreach loop. In the final line, I do output each element of $fn as '$file' in the last code line. The string is displayed in the host before it is opened in the script editor.

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    sorry, I can't reproduce your problem.
    I try your code, find many files and choose one from them, find only one file and choose one successfully, find many and choose many...
    only the change I make – comment out #PSEdit
    but I get all chosen names with
    foreach ($file in $fn ) {$file}

    I use PSv5

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    Thanks for the effort. I forgot to mention that I was using this with v5 at home and v2 in the office. If i was above v3 everywhere, i would send everything to outgridview.

    Such as,

    $FN = $choices | out-gridview -passthrough | select -expandproperty Fullname

    and then send the contents $FN to a script tab(s) via psedit.

    I have run this without my profile and still get the same problem.

    Maybe, I will experiment with $psISE.CurrentPowerShellTab until I discover the true problem.

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