Using PowersShell to define a Named area in Excel workbook

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    I'm trying to use PowerShell to manipulate an Excel  spreadsheet that will then be imported into MS Outlook as Calendar Events. The Import process for Outlook requires that there be a Named range of rows that contain the values to be imported.  Although I have everything I need to open and manipulate the rows and cells within the spreadsheet, I have yet to find any way to define the range of cells for a Named area, and then t actually create the name in the spreadsheet.

    Has anyone done anything like this?

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    Richard Siddaway

    I've just run this

    $xl = New-Object -ComObject 'Excel.Application'
    $wkbk = $xl.Workbooks.Add()
    $sheet = $wkbk.WorkSheets.Item(1)
    $range = $xl.Range("A1", "D4")
    $range.Name = "Test"

    and it shows up in Excel as a named range – does this do what you want?

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    Yes! Thanks.

    I guess I was trying to assign the range to the workbook

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