Videos available of presentations?

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    I'm gutted. Boss finally gave me permission to attend the summit but it's sold out. Wrote a big long email talking about all the topics, how they are perfectly relatable to work objectives. Our Powershell consultant is a previous attendee and vouched for it's usefulness (I think he has a man crush on Don Jones too). And sold out. 🙁

    ANYWAAAAYS, will videos of the talks be available after the summit is over?

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    Don Jones

    Make sure you're on the wait list – I expect a few seats to come open. Most people on the wait list never actually grab a seat, so you've a good shot.

    We're going to attempt to record everything, but can't make guarantees.

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    Don Jones

    We've begun releasing tickets from the block held back for MS; check your email because once you get notified you'll have 24h to claim your spot. It'll take 2-3 days to work through the list, at which point any spare tickets will go back on open sale.

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