What does this abbreviation mean?(beginner here)

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    Hi I'm very new to Powershell and I'm trying to figure the basics out myself but in this code shared in the jump start on virtual academy I cannot figure out what 'e' is on line 2.


    Get-WmiObject win32_logicaldisk -filter "DeviceID='c:'" |
    Select @{n='freegb';e={$.freespace / 1gb -as [int]}}

    Because of the output I know n=name, but e is a mystery to me. I'm just trying to figure out WHY this select statement works.

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    Chris Wolfenden

    e stands for expression

    – Chris

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    Don Jones

    e means "expression" and it calculates what will appear in the custom property. This is also covered in "Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches," if you're looking for more formal coverage of the basics. The MVAs skip over a lot of details.

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    Ahhh thanks. Yes, I need to get that book.

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