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    Job Profile
    • Work for one of the most successful product software companies in The Netherlands?
    • Be a Software Integrations Developer in an agile development department and together with your team mates build great integrations?
    • Use your knowledge and experience to help RES Software become a world leader?

    You know you are every inch a Software Integrations Developer! You combine your systems management skills with your scripting skills to build awesome integrations from RES Software products to third party products. You feel good when a tester gives you compliments and suggests improvements on the latest version. As a developer you know that not all new features will be fully spec'd out. You will have to discover and discuss all details together with your team mates and the product owner. When you have to fix a bug, a small get-together sometimes will suffice. When things are complex or there is too little time, you will ask for a bug report. You recognize that the tester in your team is your best friend, he can provide you with test cases for your unit tests and you can help him do his job more effectively. You realize that you continuously have to improve yourself, your team and you strive to make RES the best software development company in the world!

    You will be working on building integrations of third party applications with the RES ONE Service store. RES ONE Service store enables proactive and automatic delivery and return of IT services triggered by business qualification. With the RES ONE Service store users and the business will be given what they expect and want: an easy to use, self-service portal where they can interact with IT without delay. RES Software allows enterprises to leverage their existing infrastructures, as it easily integrates with many data sources and third party applications.

    Software development will be done in PowerShell and when necessary C#, database that we support: IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
    What will you be doing

    • Critically look at new requirements: you are able to realize these requirements together with your team mates
    • Build the software: you develop new software based on the requirements
    • Help the tester test software and if necessary, you help out by creating test tools
    • You will add value to the team and with your team grow in achieving unique and outstanding performances

    Important skills and values
    • You are passionate about developing great software for large numbers of customers.
    • Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools (i.e. SOAP UI, POSTMAN)
    • When necessary, you do pair programming together with a colleague.
    • You don't mind to help out the technical writer and tester of the team the whole day instead of doing your own programming tasks; you realize sometimes you need to assist the team first.
    • Ability to code and script in PowerShell, SH, PHP and/or similar and keen to learn and master others
    • Sometimes you're just fed up with the tester in your team but in the end you know he's your best friend.
    • Ability to create flexible, modular and re-useable code using constructs like functions or classes
    • Experience with systems and IT operations
    • You will never release software to your team that crashes in two mouse clicks.
    • Experience with web services such as SOAP and REST
    • Strong grasp of automation tools
    • Data management skills such as data translation and data mapping
    • A strong focus on business outcomes
    • You immediately want to know what's new in Windows 10 so that you can tune our product to it even better and you instantly want to be using all new technologies in Windows 10.
    • You understand that you are not writing code for the computer, but for a colleague who has to extend that piece of code further in the future.

    RES Software Values

    At RES Software we take our values seriously. When you become our new colleague, we expect that you can find yourself in these values and you will not only act on them but you will spread them when needed and where possible.
    • Freedom to step up and deliver: you have all room to express new ideas but we expect you also to take responsibility in realizing those ideas
    • Treat others like you want to be treated: speaks for itself
    • Drive change and be fanatical: we believe in continuous improvement, 1% per day and leading this by example

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