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    John Curtiss

    what's a better way to say

    | where {$_.property -like "*this*" -or $_.property -like "*that*" -or $_.property -like "*theOther*}

    is "where property -in (....)" supposed to work with wildcards?

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    Don Jones

    -in does not work with wildcards, no, nor does it do what I think you're thinking. -in is a logical opposite of -contains, and it checks for an object's membership in a collection. It isn't like the T-SQL "IN" clause. There is no syntax for "-in (...)" in PowerShell.

    You could do this:

    $possibles = @('this','that','theOther')
    where {$_.property -in $possibles}
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    John Curtiss

    I think I need the wildcards. The value of property is going to be "something this etc" or "something that etc"

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    Dave Wyatt

    Personally, I'd use the -match operator here, since regex has an "or" operator built-in:

    $something | Where { $_.property -match 'this|that|theother' }
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    John Curtiss

    thanks Dave, match seems to be working.

    my script is looking for expiring certificates from the Local Machine's Personal store, Trusted Root CA store, and Intermediate CA store, but I really only care about certificates that were issued by certain (internal) entities– mainly because there are some really old, expired trusted root certificates that I think maybe the OS depends on, so I don't want to delete them. but the format of the certificate "subject" (aka the 'property' in my original question) is not consistent. most of the time it's "CN=Some CA,OU=Some Department,O=That Company", etc., but occasionally it's an email address someguy@theother.com.

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