WINRM authentication

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    I connected a remote PC using WINRM. Using Enter-PSSession -cn . Also seen netmon trace & found only [b]SNTP, TCP & HTTP[/b] traffic. Can you pls explain how authecation is worked there using those three Protocol? No kerberos/ntlm found. Even I used ISE [b]New remote powershell tab[/b] & result is same . Only found [b]SNTP, TCP & HTTP[/b] traffic

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    Dave Wyatt

    Assuming your traces are complete, the authentication is probably in the packets you've listed as TCP. TCP is a transport-layer protocol that can carry just about any type of application traffic (including HTTP.)

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    Adnan Rashid

    Sounds correct. Kerberos is over TCP as with most other communication really.

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    Don Jones

    And Remoting itself is HTTP. HTTP is entirely capable of carrying authentication information.

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