Workflows -- Parallel Throttle Limit?

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    Ian Douglas

    I just started using the new workflow construct in posh, and I'm wondering if there's a way to specify a 'throttle limit' ( or something similar) parameter in the parallel blocks so that only x-number of simultaneous instructions get executed at once. For example, i would like to limit the following file copies to 32 nodes at a time:

    workflow Distribute-Directory
    $dir_source = 'C:\TEMP\_packages\Intel-825xx-Gigabit-Ethernet-Controller',
    $dir_dest = 'c$\temp',

    Foreach -parallel ($node_dest in $node) {

    cmd /c robocopy $dir_source $("\\"+$node_dest+"\"+$dir_dest+"\"+(get-item $dir_source).Name) /E



    Many thanks!

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    Don Jones

    That was added as a feature in v4, I believe.

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    shawn bequette

    Can anyone confirm/deny that the parameter -Throttlelimit works above 5?
    ForEach -Parallel -ThrottleLimit 10 ( $database in $databases )

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    Don Jones

    Shawn – be sure to start a new thread for a new question; I almost missed your reply, here.

    The WWF engine handles the throttling; you can specify an upper limit, but the engine doesn't have to use as many threads as you specify.

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    Any alternate or substitute to overcome the default throttle limit(5) or more than 5 ?

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