Working with AD DS services without be a DC

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    Hello community,
    Is it possible to create an AD environment to test some script without having DC or OU?
    I need to start working with AD module and DC tasks but I have not the ability to create one.
    Is there any platform that could provide me access to these technologies without having to configure DC?

    Thanks in advance

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    Dave Wyatt

    Well, you can install the ActiveDirectory module (which is part of the Remote Server Administration Tools package), but the commands won't be able to do anything without a domain to talk to.

    Personally, I'd just create a virtual machine running Windows Server (evaluation copy is fine), promote it to a DC, and script away!

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    Don Jones

    In short, no, those commands require a DC to run against. No way around that, although as Dave notes you could easily do a self contained VM running a DC.

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    Thank all..
    These was my thoughts for it.
    I'm very very happy you assisted me...
    I will follow your instructions..

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