WSMAN: System.String IdleTimeout value shockingly high

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    Jeff Taylor

    Wow....pretty sure we did not set this number:

    WSManConfig: Microsoft.WSMan.Management\WSMan::localhost\Shell

    Type Name SourceOfValue Value
    —- —- ————- —–

    System.String IdleTimeout 7200000

    The example on page 255 sounds a more reasonable 2,000 hours.

    Since the section stresses the importance of Administrator responsibility, how should I proceed for all of our 2008/2012 DCs?

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    Dave Wyatt

    7200000 is the number of seconds in 2000 hours. 🙂 Many of these sorts of things are stored as "number of seconds".

    60 * 60 * 2000

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    Jeff Taylor

    Dave, Excellent thanks for clarifying buddy.

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