Our Verified Profile Program

Our Member Directory is intended to be a place where people in the PowerShell community can find each other, marvel at each others’ contributions and achievements, and generally create a visible sense of community.

We have some rules for inclusion in the directory, one being that your profile here must be Verified. In order to be Verified, you can edit your profile to include all necessary elements, and then click the Request Verification button. Note that changing key things like your display name or profile picture will un-Verify your account, requiring you to request Verification again.

Here’s something important to consider: you’re absolutely welcome to represent yourself however you like while you’re online. A cool nickname, a great PowerShell logo as an avatar photo – whatever you like. Our Directory, however, is for individuals who want to represent themselves using their real name, and a picture of themselves. That’s not going to be what everybody wants, and that’s fine, but it’s what this particular Directory is for.

You are not required to have a Verified profile to participate in the rest of the site – only to appear in our Directory.

  • Your display name must be based on your real name. DonJ, Don Jones, and similar variants are fine. You can include a nickname at the end, as in Don Jones (PowerShellDon). However, your Display Name cannot solely be a nickname. We want our Directory to represent real people, not anonymous-behind-the-internet pseudonyms.
  • Your photo must be of you, and must clearly show your face. We discourage the use of photos that include minor children. We permit cartoon avatars provided they are a reasonable and recognizable facsimile of your face. Again, the goal is to remove anonymity and present a real, human face to the community. Photos of your dog, your kid, a brick wall, and so on are not acceptable. After uploading your photo, be sure to save and re-view your profile to ensure the upload “took.” You can also use a Gravatar; we link using whatever email address you’ve provided to us. If your profile shows an auto-generated Gravatar, we cannot Verify your profile.
  • Your profile should be 60% or more complete, which includes typing a bio and linking to 2 or more social media profiles (Twitter, GitHub, etc.). We want people to be able to find you online, follow your work, and engage with you, and those are a big part of your profile.
  • Your real first and last (given and surname) names must be provided. In the event that the full name you use in daily life differs from your legal one, please feel free to use either. The name you provide should be reflected in the other social profiles that you link to.

You may choose to hide your last name from public view; email addresses are always hidden.

Please allow up to 30 business days for Verification. While our process is partly automated, in some cases it can’t definitively accept or reject a request, and it has to be handled manually. In those cases, it can take longer, and we appreciate your patience.