What is a Verified User?

Verification is not required to fully participate in the site. However, Verification helps put a real name, and a human face, to your presence in the community, and we encourage our members to Verify their profiles. Read more about our Verified Profile Program and the reasons behind it.

Verified users must complete most of their profile (progress bar shows around 70% or more, usually). Specifically:

  • You have provide a Display Name that reflects your legal name (e.g., “Don J,” “Don Jones,” “donjones,” or something similar).
  • Your Display Name may include a nickname. Read how to do it.
  • You have provided URLs to at least two social profiles (Twitter, GitHub, etc).
  • You have uploaded a profile photo that clearly shows your face. Read about acceptable exceptions.

After editing your profile, save it and view it again to confirm your changes “took.” Then click Request Validation. Please allow up to 30 days for verification. Note that rejected requests will reduce your site score and may lower your community ranking on the site, and you might not be able to request verification again. If you believe you’ve been rejected in error, please email [email protected] with your site logon name (username). We’ll be happy to help, but please be sure you’ve read about the rules first.


CLICK SAVE BEFORE “Request Verification” !!


Want to delete your account and content entirely?

This is absolutely irreversible and will remove your user account, and all content created by it, from our database.