Summit OnRamp

PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit’s OnRamp track is a distinct ticket type that includes admission to a separate track of content designed for entry-level technology professionals. We recommend you start by reading the OnRamp Brochure.


Who Should Attend?

OnRamp is designed for entry-level technology professionals who have completed foundational certifications such as CompTIA A+ and Cisco IT Essentials. No prior PowerShell experience is required, although some basic knowledge of server administration will be useful. We do offer a number of full-ride scholarships designed to help bring new and diverse young professionals into the community and field.


What is Included?

OnRamp attendees join the main Summit event all day Monday for our keynotes and general sessions. They also join the main Summit event for breakfasts, lunches, and our two evening events. Aside from those times, they’re immersed in a carefully designs, hands-on class environment with several of our expert instructors.

OnRamp attendees may also choose to be paired with a “buddy,” an experienced PowerShell and DevOps professional who has attended Summit in the past. Our buddy pairings are designed to help OnRamp attendees better participate in our community and social events, and give them someone to bounce questions and ideas off of when they’re outside of class.


What is Required?

OnRamp attendees are required to bring their own laptop in order to participate in hands-on activities. This laptop simply needs to be able to run PowerShell, which means both Windows, Linux, and Mac machines are supported. You must install PowerShell (PowerShell Core) prior to arriving to class; Microsoft provides instructions for Windows and Linux/Mac. For Mac, Microsoft’s “Direct Download” method is easiest.

Attendees should also install Visual Studio Code, which is a free, cross-platform code editor.

Install/Setup assistance for PowerShell and VS Code cannot be provided by our on-site staff. Please visit the forums on if you have questions or need assistance.

After registration and a few weeks before Summit, we’ll be in touch with all OnRamp attendees about the buddy program, on-site requirements, and more. We suggest registering using a personal email address (versus a corporate one) to help ensure those communications make it through. OnRamp attendees should also carefully watch for updates prior to Summit.