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  • Some notes on Event 2 Advanced

    I hate to seem negative, but I’ve noticed a few things about a number of the advanced entries that seem like folks didn’t read the instructions, or just weren’t careful about details. There were a surprising number of entries that had [string]$ComputerName instead of [string[]]$ComputerName in the params section and then went on to treat […]

  • Notes on Beginner Event 2

     First of all, congratulations! It looks to me like a lot of learning is going on; the 2nd event entries look really good to me. I especially liked the way a number of you built up a one-liner by starting with a Get-WmiObject Win32_ComputerSystem -ComputerName (Get-Content file.txt) and piping it into Select-Object to generate the data. […]

  • Don's Event 2 Notes

    I thought I’d mentioned this last time (tap tap, this thing on?), but maybe not: don’t format the output of your functions. The minute a function includes Format-*, you’ve trapped me into on-screen display, a text file or piece of paper modeled after the on-screen display, or not a lot of other choices. If I […]

  • Find Files with PowerShell 3.0

    My last few articles have looked at using WMI and CIM_DATAFILE class to find files, primarily using Get-WmiObject in PowerShell. But now that we have PowerShell 3.0 at our disposal, we can use the new CIM cmdlets. So I took my most recent version of Get-CIMFile and revised it specifically to use Get-CimInstance. I also […]

  • Account SIDs

    A question on the forum asked about finding the accounts and SIDs on the local machine. function get-SID { param ( [string]$computername = $env:COMPUTERNAME ) Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_AccountSID -ComputerName $computername | foreach { $da = (($_.Element).Split(“.”)[1]).Split(“,”) $sid = ($_.Setting -split … Continue reading