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PhillyPoSH 11/07/2013 meeting summary and presentation materials


John Mello gave a presentation on a script that searches a mailbox for an email by subject and downloads any attachments it may contain. A copy of his scripts can …...

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Come to PowerShell Summer School!

Announcements, PowerShell for Admins, Training

Through my company Concentrated Tech, I've decided to run a set of three PowerShell Summer School classes (click that link for descriptions). These will be a combo of self-study and …...

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Want to be VERIFIED EFFECTIVE for PowerShell? Here's what to expect.

PowerShell for Admins

We're well into our beta for the VERIFIED EFFECTIVEâ„¢ Windows PowerShell 3.0 Toolmaker exam, and expect the program to go live in March or April of 2013. There's a good …...

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