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Up Next: Don Jones & Adam Bertram on The Pester Book!


Welcome to 2017, everyone! To bring in the new year, we are having Don Jones back on the show, and he'll be joined by fellow PowerShell MVP and author Adam Bertram! Don and Adam are collaborating on a new Pester book, so we wanted to have them on to discuss Pester (the PowerShell test-driven-development framework mentioned in ep262 and ep315), the book project, and anything else they have going on.

Please join us tomorrow, Jan 4th @ 9:30 PM EST at our usual place:, or if you follow us on youtube, you'll see our live stream there as well. Also, as always, we'll be hanging out in the #live-podcast room on the PowerShell Slack team, so join us there to interact with us and your fellow listeners!

[event link on Facebook]

The Monad Manifesto Annotation Project

Richard’s log, stardate 2457164.5

Today's destination is the Monad Manifesto Annotation Project.

The idea behind this project is to keep the manifesto intact somewhere on the internet, and to provide the possibility to the community to annotate on the several topics in the manifesto. The idea for this came from Pluralsight author Tim Warner, with the initial annotations being made by Don Jones. Jeffrey Snover gave his permission for this project, but with a big warning: the content only can be shared on the original source page on penflip, and cannot be hosted anywhere else.

I am already in the progress to put all the chapters from the Manifesto in penflip, and I'm putting the right formatting on it. The idea is to finish this the coming days. After that the actual annotation can be started.

For more information check the project page on penflip:

Till the next time, live long and prosper.

Episode 260 - PowerScripting Podcast - MVPs Don Jones and Jason Helmick on The Scripting Games and More

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to PowerShell MVPs Don Jones and Jason Helmick


Guests - Don Jones, Jason Helmick


Chatroom Highlights:

<JasonMorgan_> ## How many teams total?

<Vern_Anderson> ## @ Jason - How cool was it making that MVA JumpStart videos with jsnover?

<JasonMorgan_> ## Watch out for the ScriptingGuys Forum

<Vern_Anderson> ## The one year I had problems was one of the challenges required Hyper-V

<Stuwee> ## Don, where are these videos?

<Vern_Anderson> I'm having to learn .NET C## at work yuk!

<Vern_Anderson_> ## Jason what's your favorite type of Steak?

<json_wud> ##is there going to be a DSC in a month of lunches book?

<Vern_Anderson_> ## Why was Don underwhelmed by workflow?

<json_wud> ##Will DSC be a major component of the upcoming Summit?

<BrianK> ## I feel like DSC is important to large enterprise, but how much value is there in it for small-medium businesses?

<BrianK> ## I feel like DSC is important to large enterprise, but how much value is there in it for small-medium businesses?

<Dave_Wyatt> ## I'm sure this has been asked before, but is there any benefit to looking into DSC if you're already running SCCM?

<DonJ-MVP> ## yeah do that question jon

<JHofferle> ## So what do you manage with Group Policy vs DSC?

<JasonMorgan_> ## So you can patch with DSC?

<json_wud> ##small guys really do want more scripting options. Anything coming down the line to make small/mobile office scripting work for us.?

<PowerSchill> Fun Fact:


<alevyinroc> rcookiemonster: only $10 to cover lunch, the rest of the day is free

<ScriptingWife> JonWalz: for shownotes

<alexandair1>  JonWalz for shownotes

<ScriptingWife> JonWalz: for shownotes


<MikeFRobbins> Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches:






<MikeFRobbins> Are you following Dave Wyatt on Twitter? You should be:


<JonWalz> look what it says for the ConfigurationMode Property and look at the example





<MikeFRobbins> How about some Louisiana Hot Sauce?


The Question - Mars Mission

  • Jason - Hot sauce

Up Next guest co-host Don Jones joins Jon Walz as they talk to Jason Helmick

This week on the PowerScripting Podcast, Don Jones (@concentrateddon) is the guest co-host with Jon Walz and the guest will be Jason Helmick (@theJasonHelmick) Items up for discussion will be the Winter Scripting Games 2014, the PowerShell Summit NA and lots more. Join us Thursday Feb 20 at 9:30 PM EST

Introducing the Judges for Winter 2014 Scripting Games

In the last few years there has been a long list of people judging the Scripting Games. Those people were expected to view as many entries as possible, preferably all, and score the entries as well as providing feedback on the individual entries. That is a ton of work especially when you consider that the judges were all volunteers.

This time round we're attempting to spread the load somewhat. Mike Robbins has done a superb job recruiting coaches for the Its their job to look at the entries and make suggestions and hints to the teams - if the teams wish to take advantage of this option. Looking at the list of coaches - I know I would take advantage of their assistance if I was competing.

That leaves judging. This time we're using a small group of judges. We have prepared scoring criteria for the events with some additional style points available to the judges. This will make MOST of the scoring objective but we've a bit of subjectivity available for individual judges to pick out, and hopefully comment on, things they like or don't like.

The judges are all very experienced PowerShell practitioners with more books written, talks given, blog posts created and classes taught between them than anyone would want to count. In alphabetical order your judges for the Winter 2014 Scripting Games are:

Don Jones - founder and CEO of Author of several PowerShell books including the highly recommended Learn PowerShell v3 in a Month of Lunches and co-author of PowerShell in Depth. Don is a PowerShell MVP, PowerShell educator, columnist and course creator.

Jason Helmick - Board member of A PowerShell MVP and author of Learn IIS in a Month of Lunches which includes lots of PowerShell. Jason also delivered the recent two-part Introducing PowerShell MVA sessions with Jeffrey Snover. PowerShell educator, columnist and speaker.

Jeffery Hicks - Board member of PowerShell MVP. Co-author of PowerShell in Depth, lead editor of PowerShell Deep Dives and author of other PowerShell books. Jeffrey is also a PowerShell columnist and educator

Ed Wilson - The Scripting Guy. Ed runs the Hey! Scripting Guy Author of several PowerShell books including Windows PowerShell Best Practices and Windows PowerShell Scripting Guide. Ed also delivers PowerShell classes and is a much in demand speaker.

The list of judges is completed by
Richard Siddaway - Board member of PowerShell MVP. Co-author of PowerShell in Depth and author of PowerShell in Practice and PowerShell and WMI. Frequent blogger on PowerShell related topics.

Between them the judges have accumulated over 30 years of PowerShell experience that is focussed on judging the Games. They are all looking forward to the Games and hope to see your entries.

Regular Expressions are a -replace's best friend

Are you familiar with PowerShell's -replace operator?

"John Jones" -replace "Jones","Smith"

Most folks are aware of it, and rely on it for straightforward string replacements like this one. But not very many people know that -replace also does some amazing stuff using regular expressions.

"," -replace "\.\d{2}\.","10"

That'd change the input string to ",," replacing all occurrences of two digits, between periods, to 10. The 12 would be skipped because it isn't followed by a period, as specified in the pattern. Note that all occurrences are replaced, in keeping with the usual operation of -replace.

The operator can also do capturing expressions, and this is where it gets really neat-o.

"Don Jones" -replace "([a-z]+)\s([a-z]+)",'$2, $1'

Here, I've specified two capturing expressions in parentheses, with a space character between them. PowerShell will capture the first to $1, and the second to $2. Those aren't actually variables, which is important. In my replacement string, I put $2 first, followed by a comma, a space, and $1. The resulting string will be "Jones, Don". It's important that my replacement string be in single quotes. In double quotes, the shell will try and treat $1 and $2 as variables, instead of using them as captured regex placeholders. I kinda wish they'd used something other than a $ for the captured placeholders, so that they didn't look like variables, but the syntax is in keeping with regex standards.

I think it's cool to see all the places a regex can be put to use. The -split operator also supports regex syntax as a way of specifying the separator that will be used to break a string into components, so you're not limited to splitting just on a single character like a comma.

Apart from the well-known -match operator and the Select-String command, where else have you used a regex in PowerShell?

Episode 236 - PowerScripting Podcast - MVP Don Jones on PowerShell Desired State Configuration

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Don Jones about PowerShell Desired State Configuration



Guests - Don Jones


Chatroom Buzz

  • Vern_Anderson: ## How much of a dependency is System Center?

  • Stuwee: #### Does it work only for 2012 r2 right now or does it work with other servers?

  • Stuwee: so you can use DCS for win clients?

  • halr9000: ## what types of things can we do in DSC? (resources)

  • KeithH: What do you think about the lack of Windows Roles on client SKUs?

  • smurawski: ## Here's a softball for you.. Does this enable OS Version independence (from a declarative perspective)?

  • organicit: ##will there be a way to extend this beyond server roles?  Hooks into lower level dependencies such as applications servers like weblogic, Tomcat, Jboss,apache…etc

  • FishTender27: I think you would still need a way to assign MOFs by a heirarchy

  • PowerSchill: ## But how do you know that someones DSC implementation has exactly what you want?

  • gpduck: is there any documentation/examples for configuring the pull model in the beta?

  • Vern_Anderson: ## If you're deploying servers based upon how another server looks does it use dedupe to limit replicating copies of files?

The Question -

  • First task with PowerShell: Writing PowerShell TFM

Up Next: Don Jones talks about PowerShell V4 Desired State Configuration

6759769a746ca9f0c2339df2a38cb9a8This Thursday July 25, we are having PowerShell MVP, Don Jones, on the show to give us his take on the PowerShell V4 feature Desired State Configuration. This will be a great show, don't miss it!

Some reading material from Don on the topic:

Join us at 9:30PM EST at

Episode 222 - Don Jones talks about the Scripting Games for 2013 and beyond

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Don Jones about the 2013 Scripting Games!





Guests - MVP Don Jones




Chatroom Buzz

16[2013-03-28 21:24:56] <14ScriptingWife> Looks like THE Jason Helmick

16[2013-03-28 21:25:04] <11MVP-DonJ> It is THE Jason Helmick!

16[2013-03-28 21:29:56] <5JHofferle> PS is finally taking off at work...I've got SQL guys asking me stuff...VMware gurus asking me how to make scripts work's a good time to be a PowerShell guy.

16[2013-03-28 21:29:56] <2bearstuff> 95023.

16[2013-03-28 21:30:11] <2bearstuff> cat on keyboard

16[2013-03-28 21:30:20] <11MikeFRobbins> 24 days until the PowerShell Summit!

16[2013-03-28 21:30:34] <11MVP-DonJ> God 24 days? I should be nervous.

16[2013-03-28 21:42:14] <14ScriptingWife> I spy Dr Scripto in the background as well as THE Jason Helmick

16[2013-03-28 21:42:31] <8JasonHelmick> You Bet! Love my Dr. Scripto!

16[2013-03-28 21:42:48] <14ScriptingWife> You need to take him a ride on the bike

16[2013-03-28 21:43:03] <8JasonHelmick> I will if I can find him a helmet

16[2013-03-28 21:48:26] <7JimBirley> James Brundage needs to write a book.

16[2013-03-28 21:48:31] <7JimBirley> on Pipeworks

16[2013-03-28 21:48:43] <8JasonHelmick> Agreed..Sir JAmes is Awesome

16[2013-03-28 21:48:51] <7JimBirley> Brilliant

16[2013-03-28 21:49:27] <7JimBirley> saw him at Techstravaganza in NYC on Friday and my head was spinning, in a good way

16[2013-03-28 21:50:44] <8JasonHelmick> Sapien has REALLY cool stuff....

16[2013-03-28 21:51:02] <7JimBirley> 2014 products look really slick

16[2013-03-28 21:51:13] <14PoshJosh> my hashtag will be #ScriptingGamesBaller

18[2013-03-28 21:58:36] <7coderaven> ## can you go into the Verified program just a little plz

18[2013-03-28 22:01:59] <7JimBirley> ## how much is error handling "graded" in the toolmaking process?

16[2013-03-28 22:05:27] <10mjolinor> Give a man a match, he'll be warm for a minute. Set him on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life...

16[2013-03-28 22:05:37] <5JHofferle> lol

16[2013-03-28 22:06:35] <2brwilkinson> # How are we handling V2 vs V3 for the games?

18[2013-03-28 22:10:02] <8JasonHelmick> ## Jon - ask him about what IT pros can do to better themselves in their jobs...

16[2013-03-28 22:14:01] <11MikeFRobbins> 22

16[2013-03-28 22:16:29] <14ScriptingWife> Alex is awesome

16[2013-03-28 22:16:37] <14ScriptingWife> Ferdinand is too

16[2013-03-28 22:17:35] <7JimBirley> Ferdinand shared some really cool stuff coming from Sapien last Friday.

16[2013-03-28 22:17:37] <8JasonHelmick> Alex and Ferdinand really care about this community.....

16[2013-03-28 22:17:48] <8JasonHelmick> BUT SCRIPTING WIFE IS THE BEST!

16[2013-03-28 22:17:49] <14ScriptingWife> David C is a sweetheart too

16[2013-03-28 22:17:57] <14ScriptingWife> Blushing

16[2013-03-28 22:30:09] <7JimBirley> Great book review: 22


The Question -


  • The Reddit AMA question: 100 duck sized horses


Up Next: Jones, Don Jones!


Guest on the podcast this week is Jones, Don Jones to talk about his upcoming books and other projects.

Please join us Thursday July 19th at 9:30 pm EDT (GMT -4) at our new live chat location!

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