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Episode 319 - PowerScripting Podcast - MVPs Don Jones and Adam Bertram on Pester

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, MVPs Don Jones and Adam Bertram on Pester


Slack Chatroom




Chatroom Highlights

<knuit> ## Adam, what sort of pipeline do you use for your deploys? Is it strictly code or handles the entire infrastructure stack?

<Vern_Anderson> don't forget to ## in front of questions

<timhaintz> ## Is Pester scheduled? As in scheduled task or user driven?

<drewjanderson> ## when using it to test infrastructure, could I use it to ensure that the deployment team deployed their IIS web app properly as well as the DB is connecting and such? Or am I just looking at the wrong tool?

<stephenowen> ## could you expand on what mocking is and why I'd wanna do it?

<knuit> ## Don: any big plans for the IT Ops news & talk podcast? I see the first episode launched a few weeks back.

<cjschroeder> ## mocking is similar to simulating?







<stephenowen> hey Vern, try this link

<andrewtchilds> @jason-helmick, are you watching a recording from earlier? live link is:







<majst32> Now you need the DSC book too!!

<donj> And BTW didn't realize @majst32 was here but she's my new co-author on - grab it!

<knuit> Are pester and InSpec ( mutually exclusive?

<migreene> @cjschroeder: RE testing new DC's.


<<@YFMP415|ipmo>> ipmo uploaded a file: Pasted image at 2017-01-04, 8:29 PM

<Vern_Anderson>  ??

<pscookiemonster> hehe my favorite bit on mocking:


<eweilnau> @donj have you checked out for ongoing contributions?

<eweilnau> for more on mocking I would recommend reading





<<@UNWNE|stephenowen>> stephenowen uploaded a file: Adam EO





  • Superhero - Adam - Captain Eo, The Flash
  • Don - Favorite vacation spots - Disney, Hawaii, Aruba

Up Next: Don Jones & Adam Bertram on The Pester Book!


Welcome to 2017, everyone! To bring in the new year, we are having Don Jones back on the show, and he'll be joined by fellow PowerShell MVP and author Adam Bertram! Don and Adam are collaborating on a new Pester book, so we wanted to have them on to discuss Pester (the PowerShell test-driven-development framework mentioned in ep262 and ep315), the book project, and anything else they have going on.

Please join us tomorrow, Jan 4th @ 9:30 PM EST at our usual place:, or if you follow us on youtube, you'll see our live stream there as well. Also, as always, we'll be hanging out in the #live-podcast room on the PowerShell Slack team, so join us there to interact with us and your fellow listeners!

[event link on Facebook]

Recap of DuPSUG PowerShell Saturday 2016

Sep 27, 2016

Last weekend we hosted our second PowerShell Saturday, this time the event was hosted by IPsoft in Amsterdam. During this event members of the Dutch PowerShell User Group gathered together to view a number of presentations and to engage in lively discussions on the various new developments in the PowerShell world.

For more information about PowerShell Saturday, the Dutch PowerShell User Group or the slides and code used in the presentations please head over to the recap blog post here:

Recap of Dutch PowerShell Saturday September 2016

5 Tips for Writing DSC Resources in PowerShell 5

PowerShell 5 brought class based DSC Resources, which majorly simplifies the process of writing custom DSC resources.

During my time working on some custom resources, I developed some tips a long the way which should save you some time and pain during your DSC journey.

The tips cover:

  • Structuring your class based DSC Resources
  • Making it easier to get IntelliSense based on your DSC resources without constantly copying them into the module path
  • Using PowerShell ISE IntelliSense when writing DSC configuration
  • Troubleshooting resources which aren't being exposed correctly from your DSC Module
  • Testing classed based resources with Pester

Head over to to take a look at the tips.

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