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Episode 319 – PowerScripting Podcast – MVPs Don Jones and Adam Bertram on Pester


In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, MVPs Don Jones and Adam Bertram on Pester   Slack Chatroom We are the live-podcast channel   Interview...

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Recap of DuPSUG PowerShell Saturday 2016


Last weekend we hosted our second PowerShell Saturday, this time the event was hosted by IPsoft in Amsterdam. During this event members of the Dutch PowerShell User Group gathered together …...

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5 Tips for Writing DSC Resources in PowerShell 5

DevOps, PowerShell for Developers, Tips and Tricks, Tools

PowerShell 5 brought class based DSC Resources, which majorly simplifies the process of writing custom DSC resources. During my time working on some custom resources, I developed some tips a long the …...

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