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Keeping Windows PowerShell Help Up To Date

After a two week hiatus I am back this week with a quick write up on how to automate the updating of PowerShell help. Update-Help should be one of the first things typed in PowerShell on a new workstation build. I jump into the topic and demonstrate how to automate the updating of the help files from the Internet or from a local network share. You can view the full article over at

I look forward to getting another article out to everyone next week and I hope everyone in the US enjoys their long weekend!

Join Computer to Domain with Specified Computer Name and OU

I addressed a reader requested script for my article this week. PowerShell gives you the ability to add computers to Active Directory right from the command line with the built in PowerShell commandlets. This was introduced with PowerShell version 3 and can be used to automate imaging processes or to prompt an agent for the desired computer name and organizational unit. This is useful since a lot of organizations will use specific OUs for computers according to location or department. This allows them to set group policies that apply to those computer accounts accordingly. By default these computer accounts are created in the root Computers OU, but creating an account can be targeted. The highlighted examples should provide you everything you need to tackle that use case. I provide the basics of adding a computer to the domain as well as prompting the user to enter the computer name and location. Head on over to for the full write up and thanks for everyone's continued support!

Up Next: Jeffrey Snover and the PowerShell v3 launch party!

This Thursday, October 25, 2012 on the podcast we welcome back the Father of PowerShell, Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, and lead architect for Windows Server: Jeffrey Snover.  Friday is the official launch date of Windows 8 which includes Windows PowerShell V3, but the real launch party that WE care about is Thursday!

Be sure to join us live every Thursday at 9:30 PM EDT at!

Up Next MVP Steven Murawski talks about PowerShell V3

Steven Murawski is coming on to the show to talk about PowerShell V3. .

Please join us WEDNESDAY May 9th (our summer schedule is Wednesday not Thursday) at 9:30 pm EDT (GMT -4) at our new live chat location!

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