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Regular Expressions are a -replace's best friend

Are you familiar with PowerShell's -replace operator?

"John Jones" -replace "Jones","Smith"

Most folks are aware of it, and rely on it for straightforward string replacements like this one. But not very many people know that -replace also does some amazing stuff using regular expressions.

"," -replace "\.\d{2}\.","10"

That'd change the input string to ",," replacing all occurrences of two digits, between periods, to 10. The 12 would be skipped because it isn't followed by a period, as specified in the pattern. Note that all occurrences are replaced, in keeping with the usual operation of -replace.

The operator can also do capturing expressions, and this is where it gets really neat-o.

"Don Jones" -replace "([a-z]+)\s([a-z]+)",'$2, $1'

Here, I've specified two capturing expressions in parentheses, with a space character between them. PowerShell will capture the first to $1, and the second to $2. Those aren't actually variables, which is important. In my replacement string, I put $2 first, followed by a comma, a space, and $1. The resulting string will be "Jones, Don". It's important that my replacement string be in single quotes. In double quotes, the shell will try and treat $1 and $2 as variables, instead of using them as captured regex placeholders. I kinda wish they'd used something other than a $ for the captured placeholders, so that they didn't look like variables, but the syntax is in keeping with regex standards.

I think it's cool to see all the places a regex can be put to use. The -split operator also supports regex syntax as a way of specifying the separator that will be used to break a string into components, so you're not limited to splitting just on a single character like a comma.

Apart from the well-known -match operator and the Select-String command, where else have you used a regex in PowerShell?

UP NEXT: Tome Tanasovski on regular expressions.

This week our guest will be Tome Tanasovski (@toenuff) to talk about regular expressions.  Please join us Thursday August 18th at 9:30 pm EDT at our new and permanent live chat location which is!

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