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Building a Desired State Configuration Pull Server

PowerShell for Admins, Tutorials

Quick recap, I’m working through a series of posts about the Desired State Configuration infrastructure that I’m building at Stack Exchange, including some how-to’s. The High Points Overview...

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Need Desired State Configuration Modules?

Announcements, News

You’ve probably been hearing about Desired State Configuration from a number of sources (Runas Radio, the PowerScripting Podcast, or the Channel 9 TechEd video for example).  If you haven’t go check...

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Up Next: Don Jones talks about PowerShell V4 Desired State Configuration

PowerScripting Podcast

This Thursday July 25, we are having PowerShell MVP, Don Jones, on the show to give us his take on the PowerShell V4 feature Desired State Configuration. This will be a …...

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