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  • Hyper-V ID Hash Table

    In Hyper-V, one of the challenges (at least that I’ve run into) has to do with naming. In addition to a name, Hyper-V objects such as virtual machines, are identified with a GUID. Most of the VM-related PowerShell cmdlets will let you specify a virtual machine name. But sometimes you’ll run across the GUID and […]

  • Copy and Mount a CD with PowerCLI

    The other day I realized I needed to rebuild my SQL Server 2012 installation which I’m running on a virtual machine running on an ESX box. Given that I have PowerCLI and I like to do things from the command prompt when I can, I decided to mount the SQL Server 2012 ISO on the […]

  • PowerShell Hyper-V Memory Report

    Since moving to Windows 8, I’ve continued exploring all the possibilities around Hyper-V on the client, especially using PowerShell. Because I’m trying to run as many virtual machines on my laptop as I can, memory considerations are paramount as I only have 8GB to work with. Actually less since I still have to run Windows […]

  • Episode 34 – VMware in the House

    A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen: We have a great show lined up for you today.  We’ll be talking to Carter Shanklin from VMware about their PowerShell Toolkit.  He’s got some exciting NEW news to share with us, so that’s cool.  We’ll also bring you news, resources, tips and whatever else we can scrape up. […]